Woah Woah Woah! Ok guys…
This is officially gonna be my first post in the fantastic language of English! :O Excited? EXCITED? Well, I AM!

I haven’t really intended for it to be so AMAZEBALLS over there, but I jumped on a plane with a far too big but half empty suitcase 4 weeks ago to see my dad’s cousin and her family in Australia and it’s been so sweet and relaxing. I sort of let everything else fall to the side for a second (Pfff…as if I haven’t been doing this all year already).
I have visited the wonderful city of Sydney, a dream of mine, since I was I-can’t-even-remember and now that a part of my family lives there it just felt like this had been home forever. I swear it’s the weirdest thing, but during my stay I hadn’t missed home at all. I thought one day I’d wake up and just think I’ve had enough now. But this place….THIS PLACE!!! The shiny city lights and green bushes, the brightest blue sky and rust coloured earth and that dry air, that just leaves your hair the freak alone! It’s a field of dreams. It’s home. It’s sunshine, beaches and lovely walks. It’s tea at sunset and family. Hiking, shopping and thai food at 3p.m.
I just wanted to be outside with the sunshine, the beautiful breeze and my shoes crunching into the ground. It’s wonderful. It’s MAGIC!


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