New Plymouth, heaps of photos and some more MAGIC!

Hi guys
Mhm. My year here in NZ is unfortunately tooooo fast, slowly coming to an end 😥 Time’s running away and it’s real hard to try and fit everything that is still left to do somewhere into my at-the-moment-way-too-busy schedule. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with everything and I just wanna go home and have a nice cuddle with my mum and some ovi-shoggi.

Good I can tick one more thing off my New Zealand bucketlist. New Plymouth, a little city in the west of the North Island. Unfortunately the weather was poo but not as poo as in Switzerland I guess. (Haha you people better get that sorted before I’m coming home aye!!) All in all my weekend in New Plymouth was probably the best I spent away from our lovely home in Feilding with my hostfamily. Maybe it was just because my truely amazing friend Taryn honoured us with her presence since James decided not to come in the end. She is seriously so much fun. Like SERIOUSLY! You can’t even imagine…no not evenclose!

Maybe it was also because I got so much more confident with my speaking and everything since our last trip in December. Ahhhhh it was just so good!

Well, the first night we didn’t actually stay in New Plymouth. We had a blast staying in Waitomo in a train motel. Waitomo is a bit further up north and has those amazing glowworm caves. :O I have never actually seen anything as beautiful as glowworms. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any photos in the caves 😦
JscoskshdbxbdjsJjabx! <—-that’s how amazing it was. :O Apart from the caves there’s not much else to see in Waitomo. Next day we drove to New Plymouth and had a wee walk around town. We went to the museum and had dinner at a fancy Thai restaurant. Since I’m here in New Zealand I’ve tried soooooo many new, good foods. New Zealand is a very multi cultural country and there are so many foreign restaurants everywhere. Like seriously EVERYWHERE! But Thai is by far my fav. Yum. 😀 I really got into cooking anyways, since we’re having hot food for dinner every night here and Alison is a FANTASTIC cook.
But where was I (getting a bit carried away there aren’t we?) Oh yeah, on sunday we decided to hire some bikes and go for a cruise along the beach. It was so much fun (not for our bums though..i couldn’t sit properly for the next three days -.-) In the afternoon we headed back home to good old Feilding and I had a lovely afternoon snooze. Weekend gone already!

What other News do I have?
Two weeks ago Alison bought tickets for herself and me to go see the Moscow Ballet perform Nutcracker at the Regent in Palmy.
Three weeks ago Hannah had her 18th birthday and we went to Wellington to see her. Alison, Hannah and I went to see Disney on Ice the same day and I tell you it was pure MAGIC! I forgot to put on my princess dress I felt a bit underdressed and ‚overaged‘ with all the 5 year old girls dressed up all cute and ‚princessy‘ next to us. Alison bought me a pink disney princess shirt and hannah a blue ariel shirt, so that was allgood. 🙂

Last Wednesday we went to the Big Sing in Wellington with Showchoir and it was really good and exciting to see all the choirs perform. This Wednesday is the Big Sing in Palmy but I’m sick so I’ll most likely not be going. But yeah, whatever….being sick is just so much fun.
This is the end.
I love you
Tschüss und guet nacht


2 Gedanken zu “New Plymouth, heaps of photos and some more MAGIC!

  1. Ah, Steffi, Dini Fotene sind einfach genial – wirsch Fotografin ? Dä Iiblick i di ander Wält det une wärded mer alli vermisse….. Aber Dich zum Glück scho bald nüme, mer freuied euis riesig uf Dich.
    Mer wünsched Der na ä paar gueti und wunderschöni Täg beford heiflügsch !!!
    Hug and kisses

    Dany und Böni

    • Hoi Dany und Böni
      Danke tuusig. 🙂 ich han ja jetzt i minere photography class ide schuel chli chönne üebe 😉
      Ich freu mich uuu mega fescht if eu und channs marroniässe im november chum abwarte 😉
      Küssli vo..mir…:D

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