Goodbyes, Hellos and lots of tears

Hello and a warm welcome to friends, family and other human beings that accidently got lost on my fantabulous blog

It has been six days (ALREADY!) since i’ve left Aotearoa, this magical land of the long white cloud on the other side of the world. It still feels like i’ve only just left the Bünzli Country of Switzerland, which I actually, in all honesty love so much. But a year has passed already  since that moment where i left friends and family behind, so excited for my little, big adventure in New Zealand. You can’t even imagine how fast and at the same time slow it went. You can’t even imagine!
I’ve seen so many beautiful places and met even twice as many amazing people, that i got terribly attached to and that made it so hard to say goodbye.
Saying goodbye to all those wonderful people and the stunning land was probably the worst moment of my life (depressed face). -.- I couldn’t stop crying for ages and the flight attendant was completely helpless. I felt so sorry for him. He kept offering me fudge and lollies and drinks and tissues and everything else he could possibly find in his secret little flightattendantcupboard. I just couldn’t tell him what’s wrong, so he kept standing awkwardly next to me not knowing what to do… Just in case I’m gonna be famous one day and he reads  my blog…I’m so sorry flight attendant….(I was the one with the 100’000 bags. You know the one which you thought was retarded because of the little zebra pillow pet. YES (!) I am 17 and YES (!) I find pillow pets cute!!!! DON’T JUDGE!!!!)
After a time, which felt like 3 years, when my body decided that I shouldn’t lose anymore water because i might drown in the sea of tissues, I just stared out the window and continued doing so for the next 13 hours since my TV screen didn’t work and my phone wasn’t charged. Can’t you imagine how much fun I had?
But anyways, when I boarded the plane in London I felt for the first time like I was actually ready to come home. And how much I was ready….I missed everyone so much. I was so overwhelmed by everything and couldn’t say anything but  ‚I’ve missed you so much‘ and cry for like half an hour.
In the last few days I was just glad to be back, even though I’m missing my peops in New Zealand heaps. I settled back in at home and slept away my tiredness. I’m just enjoying being with my family and friends and do things lazy people do…(Because I don’t need an excuse for it 😉 )
In the past year I came to understand the value of friends, family and traditions. I realized how good we actually have it here in Switzerland and how happy I should be to be brought up, go to school and still live in such a wonderful and stunning country. I missed you Schwiiz. (Don’t worry New Zealand, I still love you).
And now I’ll go to bed and do some more lazy-people-stuff…
See ya soon and keep reading!!!!
Goodbye !


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